Kiwanis Club of Kuala Lumpur, celebrating 39 years of Kiwanis Service in Malaysia Tue, Sep/01/2015 
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 Latest News & Events
32nd Kiwanis Treasure Hunt 2015

ENTRY FORMS are now available after the 32nd Kiwanis Treasure Hunt 2015 was launched on 28th March 2015 at the Kiwanis Down Syndrome Foundation - National Centre by YBhg Dato' Sri Lim Hock San. The Press Release is attached here together with the downloadable official Entry Forms. Happy Hunting!! 

Kiwanis Ultimate Frisbee Club

  KCKL invites volunteers to our Frisbee Worshops for the children in PPR Kota Damansara.

EXTRA Session :       11 Jan 2014!!

Dialogue In The Dark

To close the year 2014 with a big bang, albeit in the dark, KCKL organised a social event  on 16 Dec 2014 instead of the regular monthly dinner meeting. Dialogue In The Dark was truly an unforgettable experience.
Affordable USA Education Options Revealed

KCKL monthly dinner meeting was held on 18 Nov 2014 at Oriental Pearl Restaurant, Bukit Kiara Equestarian Club. Speaker, Veronica Yap's presentation on "Affordable USA Education Options Revealed" was truly enlightening.
Key Club Training & Installation of Board of Directors 2015

The Officers' Training and Installation Ceremony for KCKL sponsored Key Clubs Chong Hwa and Key Club MGS was held on 16 Nov 2014 at KDSF-NC, to gear them up for the new year in office, 2015.
Building Bridges Via Social Media

KCKL's first dinner meeting for the new term 2014-2015 was held on 21 Oct 2014 at Sri Melaka Restaurant, Amcorp Mall. Kudos to Kwn. Giin Yong for organising the very first dinner meeting with such a great turn-out!
United Voice Funfair

KCKL supported United Voice in its fund raiser, raised RM100k! Thank you members of Key Clubs Chong Hwa & MGS and KCKL Youth.
KCKL's 39th President-Kwn Joanne Sin's Speech

Kwn. Joanne Sin was installed as KCKL's 39th President on 28 Sept 2014, with her new Board of Directors.
Kwn.Michael Wong : Hixson Award 2014 Recipient

Senior member, Kwn. Michael Wong played a big role in building the foundation of KCKL, and nurturing it to be the successful Club it is today. Kwn. Michael Wong is well-travelled and has represented KCKL in many Kiwanis events throughout the world.
25th Anniversary - Coffee Table Book launch

  Kiwanis Down Syndrome Foundation - National Centre celebrates their 25th Anniversary with the launch of a coffee table book aptly called "Unlabel to Understand" on 11 Sept 2014 at Sunway Pyramid concourse. Yang Berbahagia Toh Puan Ena Ling and Yang Bhg Datin Sri Karen Lim were the Guests of Honour.
Books Donation Drive

KCKL is continuously collecting used children's books to build and equip mini libraries for under-privileged children in homes and community centres. Any members of the public who wish to donate used children's books and school reference books, please contact KH Wan (012-3708830/ or Joanne Sin (012-2126551/
 About KCKL
Induction Ceremony-KC Phnom Penh

A historical event in the books of Kiwanis International-The Kiwanis Club of Phnom Penh is the first Kiwanis Club to be formed in Cambodia on 28th December 2013. Read more
Mount Rinjani-A Sojourn A Pilgrimage Of Sorts

Another poignant, yet interesting article from Kwn. Sunny Lee as he journeyed to a land afar.
Colour Them RGB

President Chan Kin Hou has  plans to bring KCKL to the next level. Who are in his team? Do you know who are in the new Board of Directors 2013-2014? Do they have your support?
KCKL- Golden Era or Golden Club?

KCKL's quest to recruit more active members to carry our torch and hold up our fort has got Kwn Sunny Lee puting on his thinking cap. He has done some extensive research
Kwn Tee Han Cheong-Hixson Award 2013 Recipient

Kwn Tee Han Cheong is no doubt one of the dedicated members of Kiwanis Club of Kuala Lumpur (KCKL). Adopting the Club as a second family, his beautiful wife, Jer Yee and 2 children are also ardent supporters of KCKL. His good friend, fellow member, Kwn Sunny Lee only has praises to sing for this man, a truly derserving recipient of the prestigious Hixson Award.
What Makes A Grand Installation Dinner?

The million dollar question : What Makes A Grand Installation Dinner?
President's Speech

Kwn Chan Kin Hou, being the 38th President of KCKL starts his term of office from October 2013. He has big plans and aspirations for the Club and is determined that he and his Board of Directors work towards the Club's targets and ambitions.
My Role As A Kiwanis International Trustee

KCKL is proud of member, Kwn. Lee Kuan Yong representing KCKL and Kiwanis Malaysia in the international scene, as a Kiwanis International Trustee. He tells us of his exciting adventures in Kiwanis International Conventions and Meetings.
39th KCKL Board of Directors

The 39th Board of Directors of Kiwanis Club of Kuala Lumpur was installed on 28th September 2014 at Simply Mel's, Bangsar South.
 Community Service
Smile For The Children

1,200 line dancers participated in the MNT fund raiser on 22 June 2014. The event raised RM50k for the cause.
KCKL Celebrates Kiwanis 1-Day

The power of 3! Organising Chairman, Wan Mei Sze from KCKL Youth with current KCKL Community Service Director, Kwn. Rajesh Patel and In-coming Community Service Director, Kwn. Melody Leong join forces to organise a memorable day of fun and games for 90 children from shelter homes and under-privileged communities.
KCKL Children's Day 2013 - Genting Highlands

Kiwanis Club of Kuala Lumpur treated the Chin Myanmar Refugee children for a fun day out to Genting Highlands on 23 March 2013. Accompanied by many adult Kiwanians and Kiwanis Youth, it was indeed a day full of smiles and laughter as it was their first trip to the famed theme park. Kiwanis Youth, Rebecca Ng tells her story.
Project Eliminate

One of KCKL's most senior member of 27 years, Kwn.Chia-Sing Hwang, also Kiwanis International Foundation Trustee,  has recently visited Manila, Philippines as part of the Kiwanis International convoy for Project Eliminate. Kwn. Hwang tells how his visit touched his heart in the deepest way.
Zoo Trip WithThe Myanmar Chins

The children from the Myanmar Refugees School, Puchong have never been to the zoo before, not even the teachers themselves. That paints the picture of all the excitement on the morning of 3 Dec 2012.
Games & Movie Day at Mizo Myanmar Refugee Learning Centre, Pudu

Some members and friends of KCKL visited the 65 kids at the Mizo Myanmar Refugee Learning Centre, Pudu on 25 March 2012 for a day of fun and games. The kids had a great time and the volunteers had a tiring heart-warming day...definitely good for the soul!
9-Year Old Raised Fund For KDSF

An inspiring act of altruism by 9-year old Iman keep our spirits up. Hope this will be a great example to all the younger generation. Caring is giving.
 KDSF-National Centre
KDSF-NC Celebrates World Down Syndrome Day 2011

KDSF-NC celebrated World Down Syndrome Day this year with a twist. The children, their parents and teachers went on an excursion to Royal Malaysian Air Force Museum, lunch at McDonalds and High Five Bread Town. The children were totally elated.
Report : KDSF Food & Funfair ROARING 20

It was indeed a  ROARING 20 celebration when the crowd came roaring in by 11am to the Kiwanis Food & Funfair at the National Centre in SS3, leaving those manning the stalls no time to settle down soon after setting up! The total amount raised was RM75k .A big pat on the shoulder for the organisers comprising of the KDSF Staff, members of the Parents Support Group and Kiwanis Club of KL.
2008 World Down Syndrome Day

The date 21st day of the 3rd month, March was chosen to signify the uniqueness of the syndrome as the Trisomy 21 chromosome is used synonymously with Down Syndrome. This year, KDSF-NC will mark this day together with Damansara Specialist Hospital.
Kiwanis Food & Funfair 2008 Pictorial Report

KDSF-NC once again organised a very successful Food & Funfair at the National Centre on October 19, 2008. This annual fund raising event started three years ago and have been able to raise some much needed funds for the operations of the Centre. Here's a short writeup and pictorial report of this year's 'Down By the Station' Kiwanis Food & Funfair 2008.
 Service Leadership Programs
Visit to the KDSF-NC

Members of Key Club MGSKL and Key Club Chong Hwa visited the Down Syndrome children at the KDSF-NC on KL City Day, 1 Feb 2012. It was a fun-filled day, in conjunction with the Chinese New Year celebrations. The visit was truly heart-warming for the Key Clubbers and their Teacher Advisors, as they played and had meals with the children at KDSF-NC.
Focus Point Mobile Optical Service

On 8 April 2011, KCKL sponsored Key Club Chong Hwa successfully organised free eye-checks for their fellow school mates, sponsored by Focus Point. It was a 2-day event and many students benefitted from this project.
Key Club Methodist Girls' School Charter/Installation Event

Kiwanis Club of Kuala Lumpur sponsored yet another Key Club ; Key Club of Methodist Girls' School (MGS) in 2009. This is another huge milestone for KCKL as Key Club MGS is the first Key Club in a government supported school.
KCKL's 16th Kiwanis Youth Camp A Runaway Success

Director of Service Leadership Programmes 2013-2014, Kwn Fred Tan wrote about his exhilarating experience at the 16th Kiwanis Youth Camp 2013, at Earth Camp Gopeng.
30th Kiwanis Treasure Hunt 2013

The 30th Kiwanis Treasure Hunt 2013, themed 'Heal The World' was launched on 12 March 2013 by YBhg Dato' Lim Hock San and marks another milestone in Kiwanis Club of Kuala Lumpur's fund raising efforts. The target is to raise RM 1 million for the continued operations of Kiwanis Down Syndrome Foundation - National Centre and other community service projects run by Kiwanis Club of Kuala Lumpur.
15th Kiwanis Youth Camp 2012 - Report

The 15th Kiwanis Youth Camp was a blast with the Samurai Game being very intense, a good program for self reflection and improvement. Also in the tradition of Kiwanis Youth Camps were the outdoor activities such as rafting, high ropes course, outdoor team challenge and Campfire Night. Veteran participant, Edwin Woon writes of his experience
14th KYC Kuala Kubu Bahru 2011

The 14th Kiwanis Youth Camp was held in Kem Bina Semangat, Kuala Kubu Bahru from 16-19 December 2011. This year's events were facilitated by the Malaysian Youth Icons and trainers from Zubedy. KYC participant, Gwen Yi reports...
16th Kiwanis Youth Camp 2013

A truly extraordinary experience at the 16th Kiwanis Youth Camp, as described by happy first-time camper, Tee Ke Ran. Valuable lessons on a leaders' credibility and other attributes of a good leader.
13th KYC-Emergency & Survival Leadership

The 13th Kiwanis Youth Camp lived up to the Youth's expectations to be the coolest Camp, in the history of Kiwanis Youth Camps. In partnership with the Malaysian Volunteer Fire & Rescue Association headed by Captain K. Balasupramaniam, the participants got first hand training on emergency and survival skills.
Read the story as related by participant, Abiseshana Mohan.
12th Kiwanis Youth Camp 2009-Report

The 12th Kiwanis Youth Camp (KYC) was held at the Earth Camp, Gopeng from 18-21 Dec 2009. The KYC, in it's 12th year did not fail to to excite, especially when KCKL was running this year's camp in partnership with Nomad Adventures.
11th Kiwanis Youth Camp 2008 - Report

The 11th Kiwanis Youth Camp 2008 was successfully concluded on 16th December 2008. The 48 participants had their fill of excitement, extreme adventure and challenges. The participants' physical endurance were stretched to their utmost limit. Read all about it as reported by one of the participants, Sheena Liam.
Kiwanis Youth Camp 2007 Report

The Kiwanis Youth Camp 2007 was held on 7-10 December 2007 at Benum Hill Resort, Raub, Pahang. At long last, the report with lots of pictures is here! Read on for nostalgia, for the memories, or just for the fun of it!

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15th Kiwanis Youth
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